Bobby Shmurda Calls for Positive Change in Rap Music


In a recent episode of The Danza Project podcast, Bobby Shmurda, the renowned rapper who recently made a comeback after serving seven years in prison, expressed his concerns about the current state of rap music. Shmurda, known for his energetic and catchy tracks, believes that rappers have taken their violent motifs too far, resulting in a negative influence on their young fanbase. In this article, we delve into Shmurda's thoughts on the matter and explore his call for a more positive outlook within the genre.

The Negative Influence of Violent Motifs

Shmurda begins by emphasizing the detrimental impact of rap music on impressionable young minds. He highlights how some rappers fabricate and exaggerate their lifestyles, portraying a skewed version of reality. According to Shmurda, this misrepresentation is dangerous, as it leads impressionable kids to believe in a lifestyle that doesn't align with the truth. He expresses his concern for the communities affected by such misleading narratives.

Shmurda's Vision for Rap Music

Despite his critique, Shmurda remains optimistic about the potential of hip-hop as a platform for positive change. He believes that rap should inspire listeners to transition from negative circumstances to positive outcomes, highlighting the journey from poverty to success. Shmurda emphasizes the importance of authenticity and encourages rappers to share stories about personal growth, perseverance, and the pursuit of a better life.

A Shift Towards Positivity

Shmurda's discontent with the current state of rap music extends to his personal listening habits. He admits to no longer actively engaging with the genre, except for when he's out at a club. This suggests that he feels contemporary rap music no longer resonates with his vision of what the genre should represent. Shmurda's desire for a more positive and life-affirming narrative within rap music serves as a testament to his commitment to personal growth and transformation.

Shmurda's Musical Comeback

Since his release from prison in 2021, Bobby Shmurda has been actively reclaiming his place in the rap scene. His 2022 comeback mixtape, "BodBoy," features energetic tracks like "Hoochie Daddy" and "On God," which are tailor-made for the club scene. Shmurda's intention to create music that resonates with a joyous and celebratory atmosphere aligns with his belief that rap should be about living life to the fullest.

The Evolution of Shmurda's Sound

Apart from "BodBoy," Shmurda has released several singles since his return to the music industry. These releases showcase his versatility and growth as an artist. "No Time for Sleep," his initial return hit, serves as an anthem for perseverance and determination. Collaborations such as "Shmoney" with Quavo and Rowdy Rebel and his 2023 song "Rats" demonstrate his ability to adapt to different musical styles while staying true to his artistic vision.

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